Posted by: Marek | March 24, 2009

Update on the Signal Framework for J2ME

The core component of the Signal Framework is an IoC container based on Spring. Spring itself is too heavyweight for Java ME and relies heavily on reflection, which is very limited in the CLDC 1.1 API (you can only create classes by invoking a no-arg ctor; there is no way to invoke methods or access attributes).

Signal attempts to overcome those limitations while retaining compatibility with the Spring IoC container. Signal reads Spring configuration files and generates Java classes that act as context factories without relying on XML parsing or introspection. The generation of context factories is normally executed as part of a build process of a Java ME application. That way you get the benefits of IoC on mobile devices and can still take advantage of existing Spring tools and skillsets.

Note that currently the implementation is limited to basic functionality of the IoC container without features like AOP, events or lazy initialization. An alpha release should be available on SourceForge in a week or two.


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